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J & S Realty Trust: A documentary

Brothers Jared and Shane Crowley operate J & S Realty Trust out of Abington, Mass. The two owners contract work mainly in the surrounding South Shore area through word-of-mouth. Potential clients can also find them in the town hall directory, but having built a credible business, the Crowleys don't need to advertise.

The following documentary details a day in the life of the Brothers Crowley…


Boston Herald

Wareham two good

Wareham fired on all cylinders to blast past Bedford, 63-49, in last night's Division 3 state semifinal at the Garden. Guards Jordan Rezendes and Jules Tavares were the catalysts, providing the game-changing moment…

Boston Herald

A beer competition to die for

The BBDO, an annual bracket-style tournament in a back yard off Route 139, showcases the game of Beer Die, a drinking sport involving the toss of a six-sided die onto a banquet table.

Performer magazine

Studio Profile: Moontower Recording Studio

Following the philosophy from famed furniture dealer Bernie & Phyl’s, Moontower co-owners Darren Ottaviani, Scott Janovitz and Mike Quinn believe a good recording experience needs "quality, comfort and price."

McLean Hospital

Breaking the Physician-Patient Boundaries on Facebook?

McLean Hospital Psychiatrist Addresses Ethical Questions and Provides Guidelines to Online Social Networking

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